Ocasionally people ask us why our Boa c. longicauda have a significantly higher price as the ones of other breeders.

Here are some words of explantion:

Many Boa constrictor - enthusiasts are ignorant to the fact that most of the longicaudas are rather dull in appearence and show a great resemblance to Central American Boa c. imperator.  Only the distinct head markings enable the less experienced boa keepers to distinguish such specimens from imperator boas.

If such "dull" longis represent the majority of Boa c. longicauda, why do we see only outstanding specimens in photos on websites, books and reptile magazines?

The answer is quite simple: It's for the same reason why the Playboy Magazine is showing only photos of outstanding ladies, although most of the women are not nearly as beautiful as the "Playboy Bunnies": Nobody wants to see the average or worse...

An extra terrestrian who would manage to acquire a copy of the Playboy Magazine and gets an idea from the pics how the women on mother earth look like would probably be badly disappointed when he is confronted with the reality.

The same applies to the longicaudas, but not to ours:   

  • We were the first ones in Europe who have acquired and reproduced Long tail boas  and we have the largest collection in this part of the world. With all due modesty, there is nobody over here with such a pool of experience on these animals
  • In the course of the years we achieved to compose a breeding group of absolutely exceptinal animals by selective breeding, excellent contacts to major US breeders as well as  the selection of suitable animals out of hundreds of babies. We have managed to refine the visual quality of our longicauda breeding stock constantly since 1997
  • The most important thing is, to recognize how the babies will shape up. We claim, that nobody has a better eye for this as we have.
  • Therefore we have managed to keep and extend our lead, as you can see in the photo and the video clip below.

 (We want to remind you that the longi is only 1 year old. The shining yellow color and the black & yellow contrast will shape up only at the age of about 3 years. We will keep you posted with photos. Also we want to stress, that this animal wasn't even the nicest one of the litter 2008)

Boa c. longicauda cb 2008 in our facility "Laser-Eye" yellow-black variant

Bottom line: If you want "only" a Boa c. longicauda then you will get it somewhere else for less money. But if you want a special one, there is no way to get around us...

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Our bloodline of longicaudas is worldwide second to none.
Here you can see some samples:

Boa c. longicauda

Boa c. longicauda

Boa c. longicauda cb 2008 silver

Boa c. longicauda black and white

Boa c. longicauda yellow