Boa c. constrictor Surinam, farmbred december 2012

We have acquired the nicest specimens of farmbred suriname redtail boas from an recent import delivery. These specimens are REAL farmbred ones, not mislabelled wildcaught redtail boas. We are very satisfied with the quality and good condition of these boas. The babies were born in december 2012 and are feeding perfectly. Their general condition is an evidence for the responsible housing by the owner of the breeding facility. 












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When it comes to boa constrictors, the impending import prohibition for wildcaught reptiles will mainly affect the suriname redtail boas. Successful breeding of PROVEN purebred suriname boa c. constrictor in captivity is scarce. Furthermore, we have learned from an importer that no farmbred specimens will be available here for a longer period of time. On balance, we will face a massive shortage of TRUE suriname redtail boas in captivity In the future. We have still some farmbred suriname boa c. constrictor born in december 2012 for sale. These animals feed and digest well and are acclimatized to the captive husbandry.


We have a pair for sale yet. This is the female.


This is the male.

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