Boa constrictor care

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In the past, we have been asked many times to publish information regarding the captive care of Boa constrictor on our website. We are now finally able to do so, and wish to thank our publisher Mr. Degen of the bede publishing house Ruhmannsfelden for permission to publish part of our books "Ratgeber Abgottschlangen", "Ihr Hobby Boas und Pythons", "Riesenschlangen - Haltung und Pflege" on our website.


Handbuch Riesenschlangen

ISBN Nr. 3-898 60-057-2


bede - Verlag Ruhmannsfelden

Ihr Hobby - Boas und Pythons

ISBN 3-933 646-39-1


bede - Verlag Ruhmannsfelden

Ratgeber Abgottschlangen

ISBN 3-931792-17-X


bede - Verlag Ruhmannsfelden