But now we get to the downright most recommendable species of all boas and pythons:

Boa c. imperator, the common boa or imperator boa. Being docile in temperament, extremely hardy health-wise, not too large in size, and relatively easy to breed, this species leaves little to wish for.

The only answer to the question, which boa or python provides the most fun and the least amount of trouble: Boa c. imperator. You truly have to hit this snake with a hammer, if you want to get rid of it.

Furthermore, the imperator boa provides the keeper with such a variety of different colorations and patterns, that there certainly is a suitable specimen for everyone. The same also goes for the size. Female Boa c. imperator from Colombia (Baranquilla or Leticia) can reach 2.5 meters (over 8ft) or more if fed well, and are therefore best suitable for fans of impressive-sized animals. On the other hand, imperator boas from the Crawl Cay Islands off the coast of Belize barely reach 1.5 meters (5ft).

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We claim that it is possible to specialize in Boa c. imperator from the various distribution areas, and yet still arrive at a significant collection of vastly different-looking Boa constrictor. This is due to the huge distribution area of this subspecies; the imperator boas look different in every region. This fact alone makes the human-facilitated integration of specimen from different regions a deadly sin, but we will talk about that later.

Boa c. imperator is without a doubt the best-suitable boa for a beginner!

Boa c. longicauda resembles many characteristics of the imperator boa, especially in regards to the calm temperament and the hardy nature. However, the “blacktail boa”, as this subspecies is called in the U.S., is very rare and therefore not exactly cheap. Those, who can afford a “blacktail boa”, get for a lot of money the probably most exotic boa overall. The solid black head-markings that resemble Indian war paint and the exotic coloration in bright yellow with black pattern leave any observer in awe. While this subspecies is also very variable in coloration, its most distinctive characteristic, the previously mentioned “war paint-like” head markings, are especially prevalent.