The Zeros™ trait in our Boa c. longicaudas is proven  dominant recessive. 

In order to avoid inbreeding we have bred an unrelated Boa c. longicauda male to our Zeros™ female. The offspring is PROVEN 100% heterozygous for the Zeros™ trait (see above). This proceeding is beneficial for the health and the maintenance of value of this strain.

Videoclip of the mating

What does that mean for you:

You will get 25% of optical Zeros™ when you breed two 100% het Boa c. longicauda Zeros™  (so genannte "Hets") to one another.

(please note: This is in absolute terms, the actual outcome can differ in one way or the other.)


first offspring of Boa c. longicauda Zeros™



More Information:

Boa c. longicauda-Zeros™

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Boa c. longicauda 100% Het für Zeros™ - cb July 30, 2014


Just the fact that our current boa c. longicauda babies are 100% hets for ZerosTM makes them valuable and interesting. On top of that these animals represent the elite of boa c. longicauda. In the litter you can find  both the Warpaint and High Yellow variant.


High Yellow/Warpaint

High Yellow/Warpaint


High Yellow/Warpaint


The Zeros™ bloodline of Boa c. longicauda was produced with the most beautiful longicaudas in our stock. Therefore the hets are also second to none. On top of that the hets for Zeros™ show the bold head marking of the Longicauda Warpaint variante.


Here are some examples:

Het für Zero™


Het für Zero™ ; Foto: Peter Kahler


Het for Zero™ ; photo: Peter Kahler


het for Zero™


This is what you get when you acquire a het flr Zero™ Longicauda!