Boa c. longicauda WARPAINT

There is no doubt that the exotic head marking is the reason why the longicaudas are the favourite boas of many boa constrictor enthusiasts all over the world. These markings looks like the warpaint of Native Americans. However, in many of the longicaudas the head marking isn't as distinctive as the owner of the animal would like to have it.

Therefore we tried by selective breeding an unrelated pair of Boa c. longicauda with a very dominant and exotic head marking , to produce a new bloodline of long-tail boas with perfect head markings.


father of the young, please notice the head marking


The mother of the babies is a black&white (anerythristic) female from the very bloodline the Zeros™ stem from. That is, the babies are heterozygos for anerythrism. By breeding these babies you can produce some black&white longicaudas.


mother of the young, please notice the head marking



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We have decided to part from this pair of holdback WARPAINT longicaudas cb 2013. With this extraordinary variant (we call them "Phantom Warpaint") you can create a new and unique bloodline of Longicaudas, as you can see by yourself.





Warpaints - Vater/Father/Pére


Warpaints - Mutter/Mother/Mére




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