Do you ship boas to the U.S. or other countries worldwide?

Of course. We are accustomed to the import- export procedure and do it only legally with CITES - permits.

For a shipment via aircraft the minimum value of the ordered animals needs to be US$ 6000 (overhead + shipping costs not included!). Otherwise it is not worth the hassle and the overhead for both parts.

What kind of boas do you sell?

  • our own captive-bred Boa constrictors
  • siblings of animals that we purchase for ourselves (*)
  • (*) Due to the better selection, we tend to acquire large numbers of boas from a litter whenever possible. At the point of purchase, we already pick the best specimen, and after a second selection we keep some of them for breeding purposes. The other ones will be sold. Our sources are breeding farms in South- and Central America, as well as breeders and importers here and in foreign countries, who have proven to breed boas that are true in subspecies AND locality.

We take fully responsibility for EVERY boa that we sell

Why do our boas cost more than you are accustomed to elsewhere?

  • Our Suriname redtail boas (for instance) are true Boa c. constrictor out of the distribution area Suriname and not crossbreeds with a red tail
  • Our Boa c. imperator are not multicultural (for instance father from El Salvador and mother from Mexico). Our animals are true in subspecies AND locality
  • We only sell absolutely healthy animals. If there are (in rare circumstances) any shortcomings, we inform the potential buyer unasked
  • If any problems occur after the purchase, we are extremely obliging
  • We offer our customers a life-long consulting service. One can call us always and at (almost) any time if any problems or questions come up
  • Our housing is very costly. We breed the prey animals for the boas ourselves. The rodents get only the best food and care. This is the base for healthy breeder boas and healthy and robust offspring. We also use special lighting in our cages (sun spectrum).
  • Boa babies that we get from the above mentioned sources are often in a bad health condition. With much tender, love, and care, we make an effort to nurse them back to health, making sure that their health- and nutritional status is ideal when they leave our home (Unlike some we don't re-sell just imported wildcaught or farmbred boas immediately. These animals are spending several month in our facility. During their stay we rid them of parasites, nurse them back to health and take care that they put on weight. Our wildcaught and farmbred boas are equal to captive born ones when we sell them.)
  • When an animal costs a good amount of money, it automatically filters out the type of clientele, that will keep a boa without any knowledge and cage in a shoe-cardbord box with the attitude: "If the boa dies, only 100 bucks are lost". We are therefore quite certain, that everybody who gets a boa from us will take good care of it, as otherwise a lot of money will be lost. We are dedicated to our animals (even the ones we sell) and intend - as far as this is possible - to make sure that they get a good home again
  • The boas on our "for sale page" are in the best imaginable state of health.  If one of our boas dies within 2 month after the purchase we obligingly grant a free-of-charge replacement.   

... and last but not least: We have made a huge effort to get such a collection of rare and nice  Boa constrictor subspecies. Our animals are the best and nicest you can get near and far. The ones who now think that we are boasters, may take a look at the photos on our website  

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Is it better to co-house my boa with a second one or to keep it as a single individual?

The old-established view that boas are loners and should be kept in individual enclosures is invalidated by experience meanwhile. Experience shows, that several boas who are kept in one cage always huddle together. Furthermore, if one boas has been removed from the terrarium the remaining specimen often prowls around for days in search of the missing companion.

These are further advantages of co-housing of two boas:


  • When the boas is in shed or in the process of digestion it must not be handled. In a second specimen you have always a boa to handle if you feel the need, provided alternated feeding is applied.
  • The co-housing of two specimens leads to an interaction that is stimulating to the mind of the boas. This helps to counter the "captive stagnancy", a condition of which boas in terrariums are liable to suffer from. 
  • If you don't want an offspring you can house two males or two females together without any problems. They get along very well, even in the breeding season. Moreover, the same-gender housing offers the possibility to keep different subspecies and varieties in one enclosure without the danger to produce crossbreeds.  By establishing such a housing  you bring diversity in your enclosure. By the way, the terrarium doesn't need to be of a larger size when you house a second boa in it. If it is sufficient in size for one boas, it is also sufficient for a second one. 


How do I get a boa from H + E Stöckl ?

We had rather you come by our home and collect the animal. In this way we get to know each other and set up a foundation for our obligatory after sales consulting service. Furthermore you will get a tour through our facility and can have a look at our boas.

However, we are aware that not everyone can undertake the way to our home. Therefore there is another possibility for you to get a boa from us:

We don't offer our boa babys at reptiles expos. We want to sell healthy offspring and not stressed "expo boas"!

However, we appreciate that many boa keepers attend the expo in Hamm, some only to watch the event. Therefore you can order now a boa from us and get it at the expo in Hamm. The animal will not be displayed at the expo, only handed-over to you! We managed to enlist our vet, Dr. Katharina Heuberger for this. Thus we make sure that the maintenance and care of the boa during the transport and the time after until it is handed over to you in Hamm is performed with the utmost competence.

The third possibility is to ship the boa with a transport company specialized on animal transportation. We cooperate with a very responsible enterprise. In 15 years of shipping boas we had neither a loss nor an illness relation to a shipment. In contrast to many other breeders we accept the liability of the shipment. With our special equipment we can even ship our boas at relatively low temperatures. However, a shipment isn't possible in all European countries. Please inquire.

You are looking for your first Boa constrictor?

The perfect boa for a novice?

Your quest is over, we have exactly what you need!

Just ask us.

What you should know:

  • By purchasing one of our animals you also acquire a life-long consulting service. In case of questions or problems you can contact us at any time. You get an answer via e-mail or telephone, even years after the purchase.
  • If the animal gets ill, you can bring it in order that we nurse it back to health when it is within our means. We will do our best and don’t charge you for any incurring costs.
  • We only sell absolutely healthy and well-feeding boas. We are very obliging if problems occur nevertheless within the first months after the purchase.
  • For the sake of the health of our animals we don’t offer them on reptile shows!In contrast to many pet-shops and some other breeders we are still interested in the welfare of our animals after the customer left our house with his/her new acquired boa!
  • For the boas we sell we grant the most possible support in any way, because the welfare of our animals and the contentment of our customers are of utmost importance to us.
  • Please take notice: The arrangements described above are on accommodation. We don't grant a legal claim on this
  • The boas will be sold on "first come - first pick" base. Unfortunately we can't accept reservations for a given specimen in a photo because this means to seperate it. Due to the large number of babies we simply haven't got the room to do so.

If you are interested in buying our boas

call us:  # 0049 871 55625 (fax and phone),

cell-phone   0049-171-8838319,

or mailto: or

We are located in Germany, near Munich

Prices on inquiry

Please Notice:

In behalf of the health of our neonates we don´t offer them at reptile shows and expos

In contrast to most pet shops, we support you even after you have left our facility with the purchased animal. We offer a free lifetime consulting service with each of our boas for the person who buys it from us and the best possible support, because the welfare of our animals and the satisfaction of their new keepers are very important to us. *

The boas on our "for sale page" are in the best imaginable state of health.  If one of our boas dies within 2 month after the purchase we obligingly grant a free-of-charge replacement.

* The consulting service is granted only for the first owner. Boas from ours that are sold again, don't apply to our consulting service anymore because the first owner can give a more competend advice because he/she has a better knowledge of the current state of health than we.