"Miss Perfect" has got babies!


Our "Miss Perfect", the covergirl of our website has delivered a perfect litter of babies on July 20, 2011. To our great joy this Suriname - Pokigron female, who is one of the nicest specimens of Suriname Boa c. constrictor worldwide (if not THE nicest) has passed the perfect pattern and the laterally connected  saddle patches to the babies.

We believe that the specimens of this litter belong to the nicest Suriname Boa c. constrictor who were born in captivity so far! In order to have a catchy term we will name these babies "Super - Pokigrons". The photos of the babies will convince those who think that this is an exaggeration.

On youtube our customer Michael Poppele proudly presents his pair of Super-Pokigrons.

By the way, there are only two breeders worldwide of this scarce variant: August Rentfro/Texas and our humble selves.

The mother is a wildcaught specimen and about 10 years old. She was caught from an acquaintance of ours in the region Pokigron in Suriname and legally exported to the EU. The father is an UNRELATED captive born specimen from our first offspring of Surinam Pokigron boas in 2006. He is F1 generation.

Both parents are from a dwarfish bloodline. The mother is only 170 cm in length and the father only about 140 cm. Both animals were fed very well from the beginning.

Actually, these boas have proved to be very hardy (much more hardy than all the other redtail boas that we have cared for up to now). None of them ever regurgitated the food. 


Video of "Miss Perfect", the mother of the babies




Boa c. constrictor Surinam/Pokigron, mother of the babies


More Information:

Boa c. constrictor Suriname/Pokigron

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Advance orders for the hoped-for offspring 2015 are accepted as of now!

mating on february 18, 2015

In order that you get an idea how our Super - Pokigron Suriname redtail boas look like after a year we have made some current photos. Those specimens are not for sale, because they are holdbacks and animals from our customers.







Photos of the Boa c. constrictor Suriname/Pokigron babies

offspring July 20, 2011

"Super - Pokigrons"

These babies are


We proudly present photos of our "Super - Pokigrons" after their first shedding. Although these beauties will develop their full splendour only in 2 -3 year it is cleary visible that they are absolutely exceptional!











Another photo of the mother, our covergirl "Miss Perfect" 


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