Hermann Stöckl

We are terrible sorry for the bad quality of our photos...

Erika Stöckl

... but they were made by some guys from a cheap photo shop



Our daughter Astrid has no fear and helps us cleaning cages, changing water and so on.


Dr. Jeanette Hulak

Dr. Jeanette Hulak is helping us with the care and maintenance of our boas.
Jeanette who also owns a true Boa constrictor  acquires practical experience in the husbandry of a large number of Boa constrictors and puts her academic knowledge to our disposal.





The hobby beside the boas...


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 Thomas Eimermacher

Thomas is a German-Bolivian graduate student in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was originally born in Muenster, Germany. He moved to the United States in 1994, where he has continued his avid study of herpetoculture with a focus on the behavior and propagation of terrestrial pitvipers (Crotalidae) and desert-dwelling African vipers (Viperidae). He also works with species outside of his immediate concentration, including boas (Boinae), true cobras (Genus Naja) and rear-fanged Colubridae.

Thomas has been working with us on various projects for a few years now, and he is responsible for the linguistic rectification of the English part of our website. Due to his profound knowledge of all aspects of herpetoculture, he has always been a great source of information for us. If you have any questions relating to any of his interests of study, you may contact him via e-mail at Nightflight99@Hotmail.com


Nico Stenger

Nico Stenger fearlessly embarked on the task to make the most comprehensive boa constrictor website on the internet fit for the 21st century. The # 1 Boa constrictor website was launched in 1997 and therefore one of the oldest reptile sites on the internet. Hardly surprising that it needed a face-lifting badly. This project was started early in 2011. In view of the many pages and three languages only a person who is creative as well as diligent, competent as well as persistent, patient as well as determined could accomplish such a Herculean task. To have Nico Stenger in our team for the IT tasks was like winning the jackpot. We gladly recommend him for such projects!



Our new security department employee still leaves something to be desired as to his motivation. We grant his juvenile age of 9 weeks and hope that he will soon meet our expectations. 

For dog lovers: His breeding name is "Deluxe von Burg Heinfels", the breed of dog is Working - Tervuere (no signs of that up to now, though) Tervueren are Belgian shepherds.

... meanwhile he is full-grown ... burglars be warned: he is not a dog to meddle with ....