Peruvian Boa c. constrictor are rarely bred in captivity but the demand on these beautiful animals is very high. Until about 5 years ago the demand was sufficiently satisfied by imports from b oa breeding farms in Iquitos and Pucallpa/Peru.

However, the imported boas were mainly wildcaught specimens who were mislabelled as farmbred ones. By the way, this was not the fault of the European dealers who had ordered the animals. The farmbreeders violated the regulations.

To the best of our knowledge these breeding farms were shut down several years ago. Therefore the export of Boa c. constrictor from Peru came also to an end. Since the mortality rate in the imported Peruvian redtail boas is very high many of the imported animals are dead meanwhile.

The result: The demand exceeds the supply by far again. 

We are glad that we can offer you captive born 2011 Peruvian Boa c. constrictor from a fellow European breeder. Both parents were imported from Peru 8 years ago. The breeder has even bought the mother of the babies from us (we ought better to have kept her *LOL*)



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