"Red Nics"

Boa c. imperator Islas del Maíz/Nicaragua - (hypomelanistic Corn Island Boas)

We are breeding Boa c. imperator from the Islas del Maíz/Nicaragua (the so-called "Corn Island Boas") for more than 6 years now.

Red Nic videoclip

Ever since people inquire about the kind of Corn Island boas with the shining red flanks and red bellies who are shown on the websites of some known breeders in the U.S. Unfortunately, these hypomelanic Corn Island Boas were bred only across the pond.

Since these animals represent a pristine wildlife form just as the "normal" ones and the demand on them is huge we made an effort to get some.

In 2009 we finally were successful. We have imported hypomelanistic Corn Island boas from the U. S. who show an amazing amount of red ("Red Nics"). These animals stem from a bloodline where ALL, not only a few specimens (as it is the case in other bloodlines) show this awesome hue. Hardly surprising that they were  sold out within a short time then.

For all we know, only the specimens who originate from our US import in 2009 are kept in captivity in these parts. By the way, our Red Nics are not from one of the known US breeders!

It goes without saying that we have kept some of these boas for ourselves in order to establish the "Red Nics" breeding project.

In 2011 we have produced the first European offspring of this exquisite bloodline! This year we were successful again!

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Boa c. imperator Corn Island - Red Nics


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"RED NIC" - Variant of the Corn Island Boa c. imperator, offspring 2014 available.


Bauch der Boas/belly of the boas/ventre de Boas