Tarahumara Boa videoclip

The Tarahumara Boas are one of the smallest representatives of the boa constrictors. The female who gave birth is 10 years old and about 3.5 ft in length.

These dwarfish Mexican mountain boas are one of the rarest local forms of boa constrictor who are kept in captivity. Furthermore, the females give birth only to a small number of babies. Therefore their number is very limited.

Right now the demand on these stunning boas exceeds almost all other variants, especially since the fake bubble burst. 

Real Tarahumara Boa cb 2012 at the age of two weeks. As you can see in the photo, the head markings are already fully developed and very distincive. 


Purebred Tarahumara Boas can be distinguished from fakes (who are unfortunately still offered in these parts now and then) by their small size and the distinctive head marking who resembles those of boa c. longicauda. 



True Tarahumara Boa after some meals and sheddings


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Boa c. imperator - Tarahumara Mexico

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Boa c. imperator - Tarahumara Boa Fake Check






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Real Boa c. imperator Tarahumara/Mexico offspring August 28, 2012