Boa c. constrictor - an invasive species on the island of Aruba
Roel Uckerman and his wife Hesther are of Dutch descent. They are living on Aruba for 10 years now. Mr. Uckerman is working for the Arubian coast more


Boa constrictor Ecuador report
It’s obvious that the subspecific recognition of most boas is in poor state due the lack of information in the past. Especially when it comes to Boas from Ecuador & more

Boa c. imperator in Mexico - chased and beloved
I am Demian Alva from Veracruz Mexico. I am a boa constrictor enthusiast. I care much for these animals an often save them from a terrible more


Boa constrictor in the Florida Everglades
William R. Mohler is an ecology and organismic biology student at the Florida Atlantic University. He works in the ecology lab at Florida Atlantic University and in an entomology lab at the University of more